Palco is one of the biggest import companies in the products that touches people’s lives.
The company imports top quality types of Home Care, Baby Care, Hygiene, confectionery, Food supplies and soft-drinks. Our Vast experience in importing world-wide products that are needed for every household in the world, and through comprehensive business relations world-wide we have been known as one of the successful Palestinian companies that is always looking for development.
One of the successful departments at Palco is the Supply Chain Department which is the department that takes full responsibility to fulfill customers demand and requirements in the most efficient and professional way using the best resources such as distribution, inventory, and logistics. Our Technology helps Partner companies, our employees, and customers to work together.


Palco puts customer service in the top of its priorities, and to do so, the distribution team as part of the customer service chain.
Since we started, our outstanding Distribution Department has been working toward achieving the excellence level of services provided to our customers and clients by recruiting experienced staff who can deliver goods on the same day of order, or maximum after 3 days.
We run our distribution through dozens of truck, Vans, and trailers between distribution and receiving. Our distribution fleet covers the whole west bank area and the Palestinian areas inside Jerusalem away from our distribution in Gaza through our agents
This approached reflected to our high level of responsibility and credibility that we believe our clients deserve. Palco is always ready to provide such services around Palestine.


The Company adopts the most efficient systems of sales management because it has been able to integrate scientific methods with the practical experience it has accumulated since its establishment. It has arrived at sales methods and distribution network considered to be among the most up-to-date sales systems in the Palestinian market. By this network, the Company is capable of distributing a large number of international brands almost everywhere in the Palestinian territories. The Sales Department is run by a crew of sales people who enjoy a long-standing experience and high efficiency in this field. It should be emphasized that the sales personnel are equipped with all the necessary requirements including computerized programs, geographical distribution maps, and demographic census tables.


Everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them, like Events, ATL & BTL Campaigns, and Digital online campaigns, Even the small tasks like writing thank-you letters.
The ultimate goal of marketing is to match a company products and services to the people who need and want them, thereby ensuring profitability.


Our policy is to maintain the effective Management Systems and Quality Assurance, exercising the regulation of the Ministry of Economic and Consumer Protection Agency on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Storing Practice (GSP) and to comply with the requirements of International companies.


Because computer systems are central to information management, we keep upgrading its systems It actually includes all layers of all systems within an organization, from the physical hardware to the operating systems, applications, databases, storage, servers and more.

Human Resources

Ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people. HR system is the source of organizational capabilities that allow firms to learn and capitalize on new opportunities
We help the organization to balance and adapt to the needs of its stakeholders (owners, management, employees). Create a climate in which productive and harmonious relationships can be maintained through partnerships between management and employees.
We provide programs to orient, train and develop personnel by improving skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required to perform well on the job.